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RELAUNCH entosiast.de – KICKOFF Blog

It took a while - all the greater the joy: entosiast.de shines in new splendor!

With our site we draw attention to the diverse applications of beneficial insects.


In various sectors of our society we are facing a turning point from an ecological point of view. Many consumers have already recognized this and want, for example, to eat in a more environmentally conscious and, above all, animal-friendly way.

Our farmers are also looking for alternative sources of protein for their livestock and want to save natural raw materials in animal husbandry. Since chemical pesticides contribute significantly to the loss of natural biodiversity, alternatives are also desperately sought here.


At entosiast.de, we show how beneficial insects can help us find answers to these and other pressing questions about our future.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible to share information about the ecological benefits of insect breeding and, for example, the use of insects as biological pest controllers with them. Therefore, the site can now also be found on the web at www.insekteninformation.de or www.insectinfo.de.