entosiast – future looks brighter with insects
– Raise awareness – Break down reservations – Build up trust – Present innovation –

The event organized by the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture (Lwk NRW) offers pig and poultry farmers practical answers to fundamental questions on the subject of sustainable insect-based feeds.


Due to current developments, many farmers are faced with the question of how they can react to rising feed prices, among other things. Increasing requirements for animal welfare, water consumption on the farm and sustainable husbandry systems are also causing more than just pig and poultry farmers to look for contemporary approaches on their home farms.


The online seminar "Animal welfare, sustainable and environmentally friendly feeding with insects - killing three birds with one stone?" shows how beneficial insects such as black soldier flies can help to make the feeding of pigs and poultry more environmentally friendly and sustainable and what opportunities exist in rearing for agriculture.


Dr. Jochen Krieg, advisor for pig, poultry and horse feeding of the Lwk NRW and Dr. Jonas Finck, managing director of madebymade GmbH from Pegau will focus on the following questions, among others, in the online seminar:

  • Will feed rations soon be supplemented by insects?
  • How does the production of insects for animal feed work?


You can register for the seminar here: https://www.landwirtschaftskammer.de/duesse/kalender/anmeldung/an-2022-03-31-insekten.htm 

The project "Focus Animal Welfare" is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture - the event is therefore free of charge.


The joint project Network Focus Animal Welfare was founded to sustainably strengthen livestock farmers in Germany and to support them in placing animal welfare, environmental protection and quality in production in the foreground. To this end, the network bundles specialist knowledge and organizes the exchange of experience between scientists, consultants and other groups.


madebymade GmbH is one of the first companies in Germany to engage in the breeding of larvae of the black soldier fly. In Pegau, in the south of Leipzig, a modern insect breeding facility has been created from a pilot plant in a former pellet factory. Here, madebymade has been producing steadily increasing quantities of insect larvae on an area of over 2,500m2 since 2018.