entosiast – future looks brighter with insects
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26.09.23 VHS Frechen: entosiast contributes to the strategy for "Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)" in North Rhine-Westphalia by holding lectures at (adult) education centers. The aim of ESD is to enable people to think and act in a way that fits with the future. In this context, entosiast is pleased to present the potential of beneficial insects to a broad audience.


Education for sustainable development focuses, among other things, on how the decisions of each individual influence the people of future generations - both in our immediate environment and around the globe. Focus is laid on consumption, the use of various means of transportation, and our energy consumption.


"How can the future feel at home in our world?"

The Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides detailed information on the background to ESD on a portal set up specifically for this purpose and presents the "National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development".


Through appropriate education, everyone is supposed to be able to understand the effects of their actions on the world in order to make responsible and sustainable decisions.



"Insects in our food chain - a major benefit for the environment".

entosiast contributes to the ESD strategy of North Rhine-Westphalia by organizing information events on the various uses of beneficial insects. In our lectures at adult education centers (VHS), we show, among other things, how edible insects can be used to conserve natural resources.

We also explore the question of how we can use larvae of the black soldier fly for sustainable models of circular economy and present impressive examples from the global beneficial insect universe. Even if this may still sound like a dream of the future in Europe, the voracious larvae are already being used in many sustainable ways around the globe.


The next dates are on 26.09.2023 at VHS Frechen.