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The fourth edition of the conference will take place from June 12th to 16th 2022 in Quebec (City), Canada.

Once again, focus will be laid on all aspects related to insects as food and feed.


The "Insects to feed the world" conference offers scientists, government organizations, industry partners and all other interested parties a platform for international knowledge exchange. For the fourth time, representatives from the various disciplines of the global insect sector will meet to present current research results, highlight ideas and exchange ideas on possible collaborations.


The conference program offers great diversity including the following content:

  • Insects as food
    • Sustainable consumption and food security
    • Perception, marketing and economic aspects
  • Insect rearing systems
    • Processing of organic by-products
    • Optimization, technology, automation and safety
    • Edible insects: Genetics, nutrition, physiology, health, and ethical considerations
    • Insects in waste management systems
    • Processing, preservation and food safety of insect-based products
  • Quality control, legislation and policy
  • Insects as feed
    • Alternative protein sources and feed formulations
    • Marketing and economics
  • Circular economy and environmental sustainability
  • Non-food applications of insects
  • International measures for the development of the insect sector


If interested in attending the conference, early bookers and authors can register at https://www.ifw2020.org/en/participate/registration until April 15, 2022 at Early Bird rates.


The third edition of the world's leading conference on insects as food and feed was already to be held live in Quebec City in 2020. But due to the Corona pandemic, it has been decided to adopt the conference to a virtual format. Thereby the scientific community was able to stay up to date and informed about the latest discoveries. With the fourth edition taking place live in the "Ville de Quebec" in June 2022, participants can now once again exchange information directly and establish valuable contacts.


The "Insects to feed the world" conference was first held in the Netherlands in 2014 - then at the initiative of Wageningen University, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The overall goal was to lay ground for continued dialogue, further research, evidence-based policy decisions and investments to promote the use of insects as human food and animal feed in the context of food and feed security.