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This year's "Insects to Feed the World"-Conference has shown how important it is, to get together to share experience and thoughts. Therefore we want to use the momentum and bring together black soldier fly breeders from all over Europe for a first "BSF Breeders Summer Camp". As the BSF breeder community is constantly growing, it just makes perfectly sense to gather, communicate and join forces.


Therefore, we invite European BSF breeders to our first 2-day Summer Camp - and you can take it literately: Bring your tent as this will be a classic setting on the premises of madebymade in Pegau, Saxony DE: Outdoor BBQ, camp fire and shared bath-rooms...


On Saturday 30th we will come together for a workshop to collect thoughts on how we can strengthen the European BSF breeder's community and to elaborate further potential of the Fly.

We, that is Jana Vasickova of LarvaLoop, Florian Berendt of farmcycle and Jonas Finck of madebymade together with Philipp Zimmermann of entosiast.


Are you a BSF breeder from Europe and want to join in?
Then go ahead and send us a confirmative Mail to: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


It's "First come first serve" on our 25 camp-tickets!

In the upcoming days we'll share further info on the event via mail.


"Insects to Feed the World" - addendum


The 4th edition of the "Insects to feed the World" conference was a great success! The global insect sector has grown again a good bit (together) and all participants were convinced to advance this important topic with their work. For three days almost 600 participants, live on site or in online mode, from 58 countries presented scientific findings, exchanged experiences, debated and made contacts.